Simple Ways of Using Feng Shui in Your Home

This is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to find balance between elements. The main goal of Feng Shui is to bring positive energy into your home so that your life feels balanced and energized. It is a simple way of improving your life.

Remove obstacles from your path

Take a careful look at the path you use in your house to get to different parts of your home. When we get used to having obstacles we sometimes get desensitized. The first step to incorporate Feng Shui in your paths is by decluttering and making sure the path is clear.

Add plants

In Feng Shui it is believed that plants connect us to nature and make our lives more vibrant. While incorporating plants to your home, always put in mind that you need to find plants that are easy to care for and are appropriate for your spaces.

Find a commanding position

A commanding position is one of the important elements in Feng Shui. This is essentially the position of the items you would consider important. This principle helps how you position yourself in life.

Benefits of using Feng Shui in your home

  • Increases and improves the flow of energy in homes or workplaces
  • It helps in raising the vibrations of your home
  • It aids in increasing your personal luck factor
  • It helps in harmonizing your environment and optimizes your living and working conditions.

The Sustainable Design Materials You Ought to Know

Almost every current design focuses on sustainable material to reduce the earth’s spread and damage with excessive use of non-renewable resources. It is on the rise because it also makes your home feel lively and very authentic. Many people who are boxed with the modern design elements are now shifting to the new trend of getting amazing and elegant house décor.

Here you will find the common types of materials currently used in the home décor designs. Using them offers you a total guarantee for the best and sufficient environmental impact.

Use of Bamboo

There is no better home décor material currently than bamboo. They grow very fast and naturally with their range of versatility. Bamboo has very high strength and can withstand several weather conditions to make your decorations efficiently. It also has features such as increased flexibility, fast-growing, and you may not require fertilizers and pesticides to grow it.

You can use bamboo in and out of your house effectively. It is regarded as one of the best renewable resources by top designers. You can use it for the furniture base in the interior and place it for planters, furniture, or simple home decorations on the outside.

Use of Natural Stones

Do you want to feel at home with designs like Emulate Back the Stone Age? Any design enthusiast would cut an arm to get an authentic and classic look of their home. You can use stones such as travertine & marble, and others with several unique colours and patterns that will effectively match your home design.

These colours will add more hue and elegance to your home. The use of stones, such as marble, has different cuts. It enables you to experience new ways with these sustainable natural stones.

Improve Sunlight in the House

Sunlight is in endless supply, and you have it for every 12 hours and can use it to light your rooms effectively. The power of natural sunlight in a home is superb. It is easy to let it flow into your house by opening the curtains.

It illuminates your house furniture and walls offering a fantastic colour according to your house walls’ colour. Your room feels more lively, elegant, simple, and stunning when there is enough sunlight inside the house. You will also save the power you use all day long when you have the sunlight illuminating your rooms.


Improve your house design by the use of these fantastic materials. You can get more inspiration for these new sustainable materials from Tylko. There are more amazing materials from top designers around the world.

Vinyl Storage Ideas

Finding the best vinyl storage solutions is always challenging for homeowners. Using the excellent vinyl storage methods enables you to utilize the small spaces in your homes. Vinyl storage vinyl techniques ensure that your house looks stylish and attractive since all pieces of equipment are well-arranged.

For instance, people obsessed with music may consolidate all their music playing instruments in one area. Additionally, vinyl storage methods guarantee the safety and accessibility of your most crucial documents. Here are some of the most interesting vinyl techniques to make your house look luxurious.

Triple Record Storage Rack

In a triple record storage rack, each section holds thirty to forty pieces of documents. Notably, this method helps renters to store and consolidate multiple documents in one area. A triple record stack is always best for homeowners living in small rooms. This is because the furniture helps to consolidate numerous files in one place. Triple record storage stacks always help a house to look appealing and well-organized. The open front of a triple record stack allows homeowners to fix their best-loved artwork or pictures.

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

These storage racks are always placed in the corner of houses facing the wall. Such racks enable homeowners to straightforwardly store all their equipment in an excellent and adorable way. Also, corner store vinyl storage racks help renters living in small houses to utilize the space in such rooms. They have three to four shelves to ensure they maintain high stability levels. You may keep items such as shoes, large files or important documents in these racks. Well-designed corner storage racks always make a room look appealing and adorable.

All Shelf Styles

Tylko company produces shelves of all designs and they are more than good for vinyl storage. Notably, these shelves enable homeowners to store their best-loved pieces of items and equipment. Numerous Tylko shelves designs can be affixed on the wall for tenants living in small rooms. Lastly, these shelves allow all renters and homeowners to correctly keep their documents and files.

Expandable Paper Organizer

Expandable paper organizers can be used to store large and small pieces of letters. You can easily label the sections in the vinyl expandable paper organizer for you to easily identify where specific documents are stored. Similarly, this vinyl technique helps your home office to always look tidy and excellently arranged. An expandable paper organizer can store or accommodate a worker’s multiple files and documents.